The "Lipinski" Strad Has Been Recovered

This morning some great news came out of Milwaukee. The “Lipinski” Stradivarius, which was stolen from violinist Frank Almond following a concert on January 27, has been recovered and is in good condition. The three alleged thieves are in custody. Learn more details here.

It’s important that great violins are played, not just displayed behind glass. In fact, a violin needs to be played regularly to sound its best. Let’s hope audiences have the chance to hear the “Lipinski” Strad for many years to come.

Take a few moments and listen to the sound of this extraordinary violin:

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  1. What a tale! So glad both player and instrument are in great shape. Such an alive sound, it sounded as though it was in my room right beside me. And Frank you deserve this pleasure. You make it look so easy. Thank you for such a delightful clip. Such magic!


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