Jack Benny and the Violin

Here are a few of Jack Benny’s classic comedy routines featuring the violin. In his performances, Benny was know for his “bad” violin playing. In reality, he was a competent violinist and the owner of a Stradivarius. Through the years, Jack Benny’s guests included Isaac Stern and Jascha Heifetz. His show broke racial barriers in the United States with its human portrayal of the African-American butler, Rochester, as well as with guests such as Louis Armstrong and the Ink Spots.

This clip with Gisele MacKenzie offers a glimpse into the genius of Benny’s violin-centered comedy.

Here is a full episode, guest starring Isaac Stern:

Here is a clip with Toni Marcus:


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4 thoughts on “Jack Benny and the Violin”

  1. It takes a good violinist to play badly… intentionally. I’d like to hear Jack play as I know he can… are there any recordings… clips… anything??
    Thanks Timothy, for sharing!!

  2. Jack used to give benefit concerts for orchestras all over the country. When I was a teenger I was lucky enough to attend one with the University of Miami Symphony. It was hilarious – as he fidgeted during the long opening tutti of the Beethoven concerto, then was caught “day-dreaming” when it was his actual entrance. He also sat in as concertmster for Capriccio Espagnole. He was a very funny and very great man.


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